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Brinjal Gothsu (Curry with Brinjal)

Bangkok Diaries

So here I am back again after a long long time, this time the reason being not lazy but actually being tied up with lots of new responsibilities and work. Well we have been transferred to Bangkok, Thailand and it definitely has a been a roller coaster ride specially for me. Lots of new things to learn, understand in a new scenario and culture, things to wrap up all the unfinished business back home, it definitely was long 3 months. This isn't a food post but something which is very important in making that food ;) Well to start with Bangkok is an easy city to live in if you are from the busy metropolitan cities back home. So that way it wasn't much of a struggle. But yes culture, way of doing things, food, are different. But one can survive. When I arrived first I was super happy about the fact that so much food is available and for cheap. But I think we also feel like having home cooked food or the comfort food as we call it once in a while. So, I did try to cook in her