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Brinjal Gothsu (Curry with Brinjal)

Egg Potato ki Sabji/Stir fry

This is my most favourite dish which I have relished since I was a 5 year old kid. This is special and close to my heart dish, since it is my dad's recipe and this was staple meal for us every sat. Extremely easy and tasty. Perfect with some simple rice and dal/lentils.  Lets see how its done.  Ingredients:  1 big potato cut and boiled 3 to 4 eggs boiled, peeled 1 onion chopped 2-3 Green chillies slit 1 tsp Mustard seeds  1 tsp urad dal (optional) 1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder 1 tsp chilli powder (or as per preference) Salt as per taste  Cooking oil 2-3 Tbsp Coriander Handful for garnish  Method:  Cut the potato and boil it in some water. Make sure its 95 %cooked.  Once its done, drain the water and keep aside.  Also boil eggs until hard boiled. Peel, cut the eggs & keep aside Take a kadai or wok, add oil. Once the oil is hot add in the mustard seeds and let them splutter. Add in the Urad dal (optional) and wait for it to change colour. At this stage add in the chopped onions and sli

Beet Velvet Cupcakes - with cream cheese frosting

Who doesn't like a good cupcake? Well I am sure all the sweet tooth's like me would definitely love them. Red velvet cake or cupcakes have always been eye catching for its vibrant colour. And most of the places use food coloring to achieve that eye catching vibrant red colour. But if you want to go the natural way, this beet red velvet cupcake is the right recipe for you. These beetroot infused red velvet cupcakes are definitely a sweet treat without the nasties. To get the beautiful red colour naturally from the beets you need something acidic, and that is why we need to use buttermilk in this recipe. These are perfect with silky cream cheese frosting. These Beet red velvet cupcake involves the classic ingredients: flour, eggs, cocoa powder along with buttermilk and white vinegar. But the one amazing ingredient that makes it stand out of the crowd is that eye catching deep red color. And the best way to achieve that beautiful colour naturally is plenty of red grated beetroots

Mathanga Erissery - Kerala Pumpkin Curry

This Erissery or Erisseri is a traditional recipe in Kerala Cuisine. This is an easy recipe to make and has a prominent place in the Sadya. The Kadala Mathanga Erissery is a delicious side dish that you can serve along with Rice. This time I have used Green gram instead of Kadala (black chana) This recipe uses yellow pumpkin along with black chickpeas and is spiced with coconut paste and topped with fried coconut tadka/tempering. This dish is quite versatile in nature and different ingredients can be used as below:  Ingredients that you can use in making Erissery:  Typically we use pumpkin, mostly red ones to make this curry. Some use Yam as well. Lentil / Pulses: Usually for a sadya, we use Kala Chana or Black chickpea/kadala. But we can use other lentils like Vanpayar or Red Cow Peas. Some replace this with regular white cowpea or black-eyed peas. This time I have used Green Gram.  Let's see how to make this simple curry with step by st