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Brinjal Gothsu (Curry with Brinjal)

Murmura- Makhana Chivda

Murmura & Makahana Chivda is a simple and easy snack recipe prepared with puffed rice, fox nuts, peanuts, and fine sev. This recipe has less calories and is definitely a healthier option. Lets see how its done Ingredients:  2 tbsp oil 1/4 cup peanut / groundnut 1 tsp mustard / rai 1 dried red chilli (broken) Few Garlic pods with skin (Gently smashed) - Optional  few curry leaves pinch of hing / asafoetida 1/4 tsp turmeric / haldi 1/2 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder / lal mirch powder 3 cup murmura / puffed rice / churumuri / mandakki 1 Cup Makhana ¼ tsp salt ¾ cup Sev or any Namkeen (optional) Method:  Take a big kadai & add in 1 cup makhana  Roast them till its crisp and roasted & keep them aside Then in the same kadai heat 2 tbsp oil and add ¼ cup peanut. Saute on medium flame till the peanuts turn golden and crunchy Then add 1 tsp mustard, 1 dried red chilli, a pinch of hing and few curry leaves. Saute and splutter well. Once they splutter on a low flame, add ¼ tsp turmer

Banana Caramel Pudding

Quick Banana Caramel Pudding - you will love it if you love bananas This recipe was shared to me by my mom (she saw it on FB) but unfortunately I don't know the persons channel nor name. But recipe Credits to that person to share this amazing recipe. It is super quick & tasty. we are big fan of bananas and those who love the fruit, would definitely love having this.  Do check out other Puddings up on the page Do check out the video below for the process :  ▶️ Ingredients: 🔸3 Banana's (any kind) 🔸2 eggs 🔸1/4 cup milk 🔸5 tbsp sugar or to taste 🔸3 tbsp sugar - for caramel ▶️ Method : 🔸Blend banana, eggs, milk , sugar in a blender jar & make it like a smoothie 😃 🔸Take another pan and over medium heat, melt the 3 tbsp sugar to make caramel. Let be melt till it is just caramelised. Make sure it doesn't burn. 🔸Add the sugar & coat the utensil you are using (do it quickly) before it turns hard. (See the reel for method) 🔸To this add in the banana e

Leftover Bread Snack- Sweet Bread Balls

These Crispy, mildly sweet Bread Balls for tea brings back lot of childhood memories each time I make them. It's extremely easy to make & ready in 10 mins. How many of you have tried these? Comment and let me know. And those who have not yet, save this for later 🤗 See written method 👇👇👇👇 (video uploaded too) Ingredients :  Bread slices - few leftover or bread ends Milk - Little to soak Cardamom Powder -1/2 tsp Sugar - to taste Coconut - 2 Tbsp (Optional) Method: 🔸Take some bread , slice & add in a bowl. I also break them to small pieces or sometimes blend it in the mixer jar till it forms crumbs. Use any method you please 🔸Add milk to soak it 🔸Add sugar as desired 🔸Add cardamom powder (optional) & coconut (optional) 🔸Mix all well and mash 🔸Make sure it's not too liquidy. Add more sliced bread if it becomes watery. 🔸 Make them into balls & deep fry them until golden brown. 🔸 Enjoy hot with Tea Notes:  My mom used to add in some coconut

Oats Banana Pancake - 10 min recipe

Quick one blender recipe - Healthy Banana Oats Pancakes This amount of batter makes about 7-8 pancakes. Double the amount of you need more. If you don't consume eggs, just add 2 Tbsp of yoghurt or curd. I add dates, nuts powder bcoz my son doesn't eat otherwise 😕 so that's completely optional. You can add honey, brown sugar or white sugar to this. Again this is optional and can be completely avoided since we add bananas and there is enough sweetness from ripe banana's. Check out the Video on my YouTube channel as well Ingredients: 1 cup Oats 3 Dates deseeded (optional) 1 Banana 1 Tbsp brown sugar/Honey/White sugar 2 Eggs or 2 Tbsp thick Curd/ Plain Yoghurt 1/2 cup Milk or water Method: Roast 1 cup of oats lightly on medium heat till its fragrant   & slightly brown Add in all the ingredients in a mixer blender Blend it to a smooth batter Make sure the batter is not very thin nor thick. Heat a tava/griddle and on medium heat, pour in ladle full of batter Cook each

Quick Oats Rava Uttapam

Perfect Quick & healthy breakfast recipe :  ▶️ Ingredients-   🔸1 cup oats (grind into fine powder)  🔸1/2 cup fine Rava/Semolina   🔸1/2 cup curd (not sour)  🔸Water (about half cup)  Mix all the above ingredients & keep aside for 10 mins, so that the oats & rava will absorb curd & water well  🔸1/2 Tsp cumin seeds/Jeera  🔸salt to taste   🔸2 green chillies finely chopped   🔸1 onion finely chopped   🔸1 small tomato finely chopped   🔸1/2 inch ginger finely chopped   🔸1/2 carrot finely chopped   🔸4-5 spinach leaves finely chopped  🔸Coriander finely chopped  🔸Oil/ Ghee/ butter for cooking Method : Mix all the above ingredients to the Oats + Rava batter. Mix it well. The batter shouldn't be too runny or too thick. Adjust with water accordingly. Heat a tava & spread some oil/ghee. Pour a ladle of the batter. Do not spread much & cook both side well. ▶️ Notes: 🔸If the batter is too runny, add a bit more rava/semolina to it & adjust 🔸You can a

Quick Energy Bites - Apricot - Dates Energy balls (kids snack)

These make an amazing snack for that instant energy boost. These bite-sized Apricot- Dates Energy Bites are also healthy snack that’s tasty too!. These stay great for a week in fridge. Perfect for sweet tooth cravings, post work out energy. These amazing Apricot-Date Energy Bites are nutrient rich, ridiculously delicious, sugar-free and gluten-free little beauties! And they are so, so easy to make – just let the food processor or blender do all of the work! 😀 A healthy protein packed snack perfect as a post- workout snack and you can tuck these beauties in kids lunchbox.They taste more like dessert than a healthy protein bite. They also make a great dessert when you are craving something sweet! 🤪😋 Things you would need for these cute lil bites -15 dried apricots -6 -8 medjool dates -1/4 cup almond meal -1/4 cup desicated coconut -1 tbsp coconut oil -Blender or food processor. Method: Add everything in blender and process till it's all combined. Cover these in Coconut flak