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Brinjal Gothsu (Curry with Brinjal)

Quickie- Banana Dosa

Since my lil fellow has started PG, he has this constant hunger pangs and demands too. You can't just fix him anything like before 😟 And thats when I started searching for snacks which can be quick and tasty too. And that's how I stumbled upon Banana Dosa. Wow banana and dosa, both individually are my kiddo's fav and combined one would be a super hit. I also did make a variation and tried banana idli (which I feel is easier than dosa, since you don't have to wait and make them) So when the demand is high, this is the quickie which can come to your rescue.  Ingredients:  Banana (I used Robusta) : 2-3 Dosa/Idli Batter Sugar or Jaggery (melted) : 2 Tbsp Raisins: Handful (Optional) Oil or Ghee  : To grease the pan Method:  Mash the banana nicely with a fork.add in the sugar or the jaggery syrup and mix well. To this add in the Dosa/Idli batter and mix well. Add in the raisins. Heat the dosa pan/tava and spoon in the prepared batter.  Unlike normal dosa do

Ultra- Moist Cake

It's been a while since I have blogged and I definitely missed it. So now that I have finally got time to start over once again, I thought to myself, why not start with something sweet and also something which is comfortable. Since my lil champ has started his play group now, every now and then there is demand for cake. And this is one recipe I love not only because of its simplicity and ease, but also because it is super delicious. It is ultra moist, super soft, not overly sweet but yet super chocolatey. It's everything a cake should be. I found this on Maria's Menu   and the first time when I tried it, I wasn't sure about it, given the simplicity of the recipe and simple ingredients. But I was super happy to have a cake true to its name; Ultra Moist chocolate cake it is!! This is also a beginners cake, I say so simply because its that easy to bring in all the ingredients together and you will for sure get a delicious moist cake.  Enjoy baking this and let me know how