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Brinjal Gothsu (Curry with Brinjal)

Ladi Pav/ Indian Dinner rolls

I never imagined myself making these warm, fluffy Ladi Pav/ Indian dinner rolls at home simply because it was so easily available whenever I wanted them. Its very popular in Mumbai and is staple bread for almost all mumbaikar's (people of Mumbai). I have made other breads before but Like I said I never imagined myself making this one. All I can say is when you crave for something and you don't get them, you just head to the kitchen, grab your apron and make/bake it. Since we have moved to Bangkok, we have been craving for pav bhaji, Maska pav, Misal pav, Kheema- pav. All of which are best had with pav and not just a normal bread. And since we were not getting that exact fresh, warm, fluffy pav, I decided to try making them for our 12th anniversary. I did have a plan B though😉, if this didn't turn out right, I would have served bread 😛 Well but to my surprise I did manage to pull it through and we had perfect soft, fluffy warm homemade pav and relished with some Khee

Easy Homemade White Bread

When we think of breads, first thing we imagine is ahhh too much work. Well I used to have same thoughts. In 2010 when I started baking breads, I realized its definitely some amount of hard work along with some patience ; waiting for them to rise. But trust me its all worth it at the end.   After few years I tried baking them again and all I can say is, it is definitely worth the time and effort. The pleasure you get when you eat freshly baked breads is completely different from the store bought.  In just over 2 hours you can have a fresh out of the oven loaf of white bread, and that’s with 1 hour and 30 minutes of just waiting for it to rise. I use the  Hand Mixer  with the dough hooks for bringing in all the ingredients together and then later knead them with my hands to make it into a soft dough. This White Bread recipe is a classic, its so light, fluffy and soft. Step by step images for your ease is updated below. If you have any questions regarding this recipe, please do co

Vermicelli Pakoda/Fritters- Healthy easy snack

Since we have moved to Bangkok I never got an opportunity to use my appam pan, mainly because it wasn't induction friendly and I don't have a gas stove in here. With endless google searches I finally found a product which can help me use all the utensils which aren't induction friendly. More info you can find in  Here . Also I would like to update, these induction disc converters were like a big savior for me since most of the stuff we cook back home were not induction friendly utensils and I bought them here since they were partners with me for a long time; I just didn't feel like leaving them behind.  Well, so like I said I couldn't use my appam pans in here and hence when I started using it, I thought of various things which I can cook in them. I had already made Unniappams, Paniyarams which I have not documented yet (will do soon). Anyway so while searching for appam pan recipes, my search ended Here  (as of now) and decided to make this snack.  With lo

Ghee Cake -Indian Pound cake

My childhood memories during our summer vacations include going to kerala bakery and having lots and lots of yummy treats for ourselves and also buying for others while visiting relatives. This is one such cake which we get in most of the kerala bakeries and I am sure most South Indians would have had and love this ghee cake. As the name suggests its a loaf cake made with flour and main ingredient is ghee which gives it a unique and strong flavour of ghee and is extremely soft in texture.  It is pound cake recipe where butter is replaced with ghee. The texture of the cake is a bit softer than of a pound cake. Its light and soft cake, aromatic (thanks to ghee) and it is really easy to make. Here is the detailed recipe. Step by step images are given below for reference.  You can also check other baked recipes  HERE Ingredients:  Notes: * 1 cup Maida pinch of salt 3/4 tsp Baking Powder 1/4 tsp Baking Soda 1/2 cup Cream/Milk 1/2 cup Ghee * 1/2 cup Caster Sugar* 1  Egg