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Mango Sheera

Mango Sheera/ Halwa/ Mango semolina pudding- Check Recipe Video Below  Ingredients:  1 cup mangoes finely chopped  1 cup Rava/semolina 1 cup ghee 2 cups milk  1 cup sugar  Raisins handful (optional)  Almonds n pistachios handful (optional)  Method:  🔸Boil the milk in a round bottom pan.  🔸While the milk is boiling take another pan/kadai & add Ghee/clarified butter.  🔸Add in the Rava/semolina to it & saute on medium heat for about 5-7 mins  🔸To this add in the chopped mangoes and mix well. Mash with the back of spatula if needed.  🔸Add in some dry fruits if using at this stage.  🔸After 5 mins, slowly add the boiled milk to it in batches & mix well. Keep stiring while adding the milk.  🔸After 5 mins add in the sugar & mix well again. Cover it with a lid & let it cook for 5 mins & done. 🔸Garnish with dry fruits & chopped mango slices (optional)